Semi-Automated Tire Assembly Line

wheel weights | tire valves | assembly line

floor layout

Technical Specifications

  • We adapt the assembly line and manufacturing/logistic solution according to manufacturing requirements, cost and investment parameters, and site lay out, etc.
  • We always use robots and not fix line equipment as we believe our solution provide more flexibility as well as cost savings compared to a fixed line solution.
  • Continuous maintenance is critical and it forms part of our service offering
technical Specifications

Fig 1 - Loading of Rim and Tyre on Input Conveyors

  • Load Tyre from Visual HMI Sequence Display (Manual)
  • Load Rim from Visual HMI Sequence Display (Manual)
  • Loading from a sequenced supply rack making it easier for the operator to manage cycle time.
  • Fit barcode sticker and insert valve in section 9 of rim loading station
  • Automatic indexing to Vision Station
  • Tyre Vision Station Evaluates
  • Correct Tyre (Through Thread Analysis)
  • LH/RH Drive Tyre
  • Spot Position
  • Rim Vision Station Evaluates
  • Correct Rim (Through Rim Profile Analysis)
  • Valve Insertion
  • Spot Position

Fig 2 - Robot Cell x2 (Two stations managing sequence supply)

  • Pick rim and print unique number on inside of rim
  • Soap rim and place on clamping fixture
  • Pick tyre and print unique number on tyre thread surface
  • Soap tyre and place on top of rim in clamping fixture
  • Match spot position and seat tyre on rim
  • Place assembly on conveyor and start next cycle

Fig 3 - Inflation and Bead Seating Station

  • Assembly is sequenced into Inflation Bay and Inflated
  • Assembly is then sequenced into Bead Seater and processed

Fig 4 - Balancing & Balancing Audit Bay

  • Assembly is sequenced into Balancer and Balanced
  • Assembly is then processed in Weight Application Station
  • Assembly is then sequenced to Audit Bay for 100% check

Fig 5 - Stacker Operation and Manual Audit Line

  • Assembly is sequenced Stacker
  • Assembly is then processed into Buffer Area
  • Assembly can be removed from line for 10% audit check and uniformity application